Sky Channel 1 & 2 – World Famous in OMSK

12 November, 2016 • General

Roma Races fans will be able to watch the Roma Cup race day from anywhere on Sky 1 and 2 on November 19.  8 races, no waiting.

1 12.49 WILLIAMS HALL CHADWICK Maiden Plate 1000m
2  1.24 McInnes Wilson Lawyers Class 1 1000m
3  1.59 Ladbrooks Butchery/Goodyear Autocare Roma Tyre & Battery

BNCHMK 55 1200M

4 2.39 Coca Cola QTIS 3YO 1200m
5 3.14 Roma Transport/LJHooker Roma

Bchmk 65  1200m

6  3.54 Royal on 99 Roma Cup 1640m
7 4.34 Roma Explorers Inn HANDICAP BCHMK 55 1640M
8 5.17 XXXX Gold/Boyd Harms Memorial Open Handicap 1000m








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