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Fashions on The Field

Brisbane Riverview Hotel Fashions on the Field – Royal on 99 Roma Cup 2018

All about the Sash – although the prizes are pretty handy too.

We keep it simple with the categories but you can complicate it as much as you like.  Register for more than one category if you want to, do it by 1.30pm on raceday at the Main Stage and the parade will begin around 2pm, be done by 3pm.  Our judges are not locals, usually people in the industry or who have won our FOF previously and are unable to be bribed (mostly). Competition is generally fierce so wear your ensemble with style, make the judges notice you – it can be home-made, designer cut or K-mart collection, it will be how you put it together and work it on the catwalk. Although a fluro green Borat swimsuit is not going to rock anyone’s world on November 17.

1. Classic (keeping it simply classic – matching, conservative, classy, think Audrey Hepburn)

2. Contemporary (mix and match, loud and proud, edgey, interesting, vintage or futuristic, stand out – think Serena Williams, without the tantrums)

3. Headwear (whatever is up top, make it a statement, make it work for the outfit but it can be a work of art on its own, think Statue of Liberty)

4. Fun & Funky (for all those who just wanna have fun – tasteless, (think Safari suits and thongs), group mentality (the footy team on holidays) or for those wanting to perform in front of a crowd with no respect for the Sash. We still look after you with some drink tickets and immortalisation on social media.

5.  Menswear (although we don’t make anyone prove gender – we just need to have this category to prevent blokes feeling marginalised on the day) Origin Tickets come with the Sash


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