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Where is Roma?
Yes, we are a long way from a city (6 hours on a First World Highway with a few third world potholes) but you can see stars, yes it will be hot and yes we are very hospitable in the country and there are ATMs, intermittent phone reception and running water.

Can we camp at Bassett Park?
We do have camping,  in the back of a ute, swag with your own blow up swimming pool.  Caravans and some power accessible. Online ticketing required, no spaces reserved, first in best dressed.  Get here early for the spots under a shady tree. Bring your own leads to plug in anything, limited power available. Showers, toilets, hair drying and straightener plugs and mirrors which are  guaranteed to make you look as fabulous as possible under the fluorescent light. Camping ground open and happily partying away 24 hours.  Bring your debit/credit card if you havent bought online and pay at the gate. But we want you to buy online, so we know if you will have to sleep near the toilet block or not.

Are there any Buses?
We have free buses all day saturday only - picking up and delivering back to all accommodation places around town from 10.30am to 2am the next morning. Just stand on the footpath outside your accommodation and flag down the roma cup bus.

I think I am ok to drive, but I want to be sure!
Free breathalyser on sunday morning.  Also, $5 breakfast burger. better value than any fast food outlet, for all campers.  Soaks up excess alcohol and  teamed with a coffee, provides stomach lining for the on-journey. Our coppers will love you for it.

What is the dress code?
Yes, it is the country but YES, we do frock up.  Hats, heels, ties, safari suits, hair product. We like to see you making an effort.  Bring your pluggers for the dancing at night.

Is there Parking?
Your gate entry ticket allows you into the park for as long as we are open, after party included.

Mid-Strength or Full-Strength?
We are a no longer a mid-strength event.  Pace yourselves.

Are the any lockers at the event?
We will have a security lodgement point at the drink ticket stand. We have enough lost property on file now and don’t need anymore phones, hats, shoes, wallets, fascinators or other objects which vary from bizarre to downright disgusting.  So, you lodge it with us on raceday, at the drink ticket stand, we will do our best to keep it safe til you are capable of looking after it yourself.

Can I give my tickets booked in my name to someone else?   
Yep, we are non-discriminatory, our scanning system just recognises the bar code and the actual ticket, from Joe Blow to Attila The Hun, we will let you in.  Once.

Can we bring our own picnic, drinks on raceday?   
Yes and No.  We don't mind you bringing in your special beetroot and pomegranate sushi on the day, as long as it is not in an esky.  There are plenty of food vendors onsite who are also trying to make a living. We do mind if you bring in drinks  (come on, we have to make a living somehow) and Liquor Licensing says we are the only ones responsible for your consumption on the premises, dont make us chuck you out.

Can I smoke at the Park?   
We generally have some designated smoking areas even though Bassett Park, as a sporting arena, is a no smoking zone.  If we see you smoking outside of those areas we will assume you are on fire. Extinguishers abound

Does my entry ticket cover me for the after party til  Sunday morning?   Definitely.  Once you are in the Bassett Park and have your 18s ID checked, you can stay or come and go as you please.  In fact you would be silly to leave.  Best value music, entertainment and social company anywhere for $36.  Of course, if you are under 18, you are going to have an early night as we have to exit you around 7pm.  AND you will not be allowed on the park unless you have a guardian or parent with you. (this excludes of -age boyfriends, best mates, some random bloke you picked up at the taxi rank and paid to come in with you)  We are protecting your sensitive pre-frontal cortex until you are fully mature.  Come back and see us at 18 or maturity, whichever comes first.

For information on racing in general, try HorseRacing.com.au

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